1. Let us face it. The entire bitcoin investing concept and the technological innovation behind it is obviously interesting. However, for large and small investors, the most pertinent question is if they should purchase the currency or completely avoid it. 

    Why you should invest in Bitcoin 
    For starters, unlike traditional money, this new concept of investment exists only online. For the currency to be mined or created, computers have to guess solutions to highly complex math problems and then send them to the rest of the computers within the Bitcoin network. As the supply of Bitcoin becomes difficult to meet, you can expect the price to go up, if demand consistently increases. Additionally, transaction fee is considered low and there is no need for credit card which makes it more secure. Another reason why you should invest in Bitcoin is because they are becoming increasingly accepted by merchants. 

    Why you should not invest in Bitcoin 
    However, there are risks involved that any investor should keep into consideration. For instance, bitcoin investing can get extremely volatile.You can easily tell this by studying its value from the time it started to present. What is more, central banks have voiced their concerns and some like Malaysia central bank has banned usage. Lastly, it is in its infancy stage and therefore highly prone to manipulation and fraud especially since it does not have the approval of central banks or authorized central agency. Whatever you decide, you may want to recognize investment of this nature is not so good for the average investor but the high risk investors. From the high risk perspective, trading bitcoin is as risky as forex trading according forex expert http:forexobchodnik.sk who claimed that sometimes forex currency pairs fluctuate +/- 20% in a single day.

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    i’ve been in a study mood lately!

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    Every skeleton, every fleshed out study and every pattern sheet is done, edited and ready to be sent to the printers. Here’s some potential crops which will be wall mounted next to the bestiary itself!

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